I am using the latest version (10.0.11) of the TOR browser and up until a few days ago, had no problems. Now I seem unable to access a specific website (that I can access via a standard browser.) The website is "http://dl.free.fr/".

When trying to access the site using TOR I get .. "The connection has timed out..". I have tried clearing the browser cache, I also dis-connected my VPN and still cannot connect to the site. AS I mentioned earlier, I can access the site ok with any other browser.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Some websites block Tor users, and it's possible that this website might be too. – Steve Feb 20 at 1:00
  • DL.free has starting blocking tor exit sites. You will need to use a proxy to circumvent. – user31797 Feb 21 at 19:19

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