I was running Tor- till yestoday, thene I updated to the new version Tor- now i cannot connect to Japan or India anymore and also to some other countries. In version Tor- it still works.



StrictNodes 1
EntryNodes {in} 
ExitNodes {in}
ExcludeNodes {fr},{de},{nl},{gb},{us}
ExcludeExitNodes {fr},{de},{nl},{gb},{us}
GeoIPExcludeUnknown 1


Living in a bubble
In Tor, it has been possible for a long time to configure the Exit/Entry-Nodes according to your wishes. In the new Tor versions, if you enter certain country codes for the Exit/Entry-Node in the config, Tor cannot connect.

Why is that?

I use the old Tor version and I can connect to any country in the world. The majority of Internet users live in a small part of the Internet like in their own world, a bubble.

Same Config - New Tor Version

[notice] Tor running on Linux with Libevent 2.1.11-stable, OpenSSL 1.1.1f, Zlib 1.2.11, Liblzma 5.2.4, Libzstd 1.4.4 and Glibc 2.31 as libc.
[notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn how to be safe at https://www.torproject.org/download/download#warning
[notice] Read configuration file "/usr/local/etc/tor/torrc".
[warn] You have asked to exclude certain relays from all positions in your circuits. Expect hidden services and other Tor features to be broken in unpredictable ways.
[notice] Opening Socks listener on
[notice] Opened Socks listener connection (ready) on
[notice] Opening Control listener on
[notice] Opened Control listener connection (ready) on
[notice] Parsing GEOIP IPv4 file /usr/local/share/tor/geoip.
[notice] Parsing GEOIP IPv6 file /usr/local/share/tor/geoip6.
[notice] Bootstrapped 0% (starting): Starting
[warn] Your configuration excludes 100% of all possible guards. That's likely to make you stand out from the rest of the world.
[notice] Starting with guard context "restricted"
[warn] Failed to find node for hop #1 of our path.
Discarding this circuit.
[notice] Our circuit 0 (id: 1) died due to an invalid selected path, purpose General-purpose client. This may be a torrc configuration issue, or a bug.
[warn] Failed to find node for hop #1 of our path. Discarding this circuit.
[warn] Failed to find node for hop #1 of our path. Discarding this circuit.
[warn] Failed to find node for hop #1 of our path. Discarding this circuit.

Same Config - Old Tor Version

enter image description here

  • This doesn't look like valid syntax to me. Try again without the StrictNodes 1 text and post your Tor log.
    – Steve
    Feb 8 at 15:15
  • I have no log file.
    – Teso
    May 12 at 17:59
  • You can log to a file by including the Log line in your torrc file.
    – Steve
    May 12 at 18:00
  • I added "Log /var/log/tor.log" to the torrc an get: [warn] Couldn't parse log levels in Log option 'Log /var/log/tor.log'- [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to validate Log options. See logs for details. - [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.
    – Teso
    May 12 at 18:19
  • You need to include the log level, so try for example Log info /var/log/tor.log.
    – Steve
    May 13 at 19:15

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