Some websites are able to detect that you are using Tor network and block your connection. The most well-known example is https://google.com, which will re-direct you to a Captcha page on most exit nodes. However, sometimes you can request a new exit node and get lucky, and the website will allow you to connect.

Is there a way to force Tor Browser to always connect to a specific exit node for a certain website? For example, I want to find a "good" exit node that allows me to connect to https://google.com, and then whenever I visit that site in the future I will always connect from the "good" exit node.

I imagine this will require adding a line to my torrc file. The closest thing I have found are these instructions, but this seems to be for using one exit node across ALL websites, not specific ones.

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  1. Dont use Google us DuckDuckGo.onion or DuckDuckGo.com

  2. Add to the Tor configuration in the: "torrc" this:

    EntryNodes {in} StrictNodes 1
    ExitNodes {jp} StrictNodes 1
    ExcludeNodes {de},{nl} StrictNodes 1
    ExcludeExitNodes {de},{nl} StrictNodes 1
    GeoIPExcludeUnknown 1

List of country codes for Tor

You can also add this:

NewCircuitPeriod 300
MaxCircuitDirtiness 150
ConnectionPadding 0
AvoidDiskWrites 1

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