Due to a lawsuit Project Gutenberg is blocked in Germany. However if I try to access it using the Tor Browser project Gutenberg is still blocked. The message "Your IP Address in Germany is Blocked from www.gutenberg.org" appears again, the IP address mentioned on the site is that of the exit node. My exit node isn't in Germany, I tested this with nodes from Sweden, France and the US.

How does Project Gutenberg detect that I am accessing it from Germany through Tor Browser?

Ideas I ruled out:

  • preferred language set to German – no it isn't, its English US for enhanced privacy
  • user interface language – set to English too

Curiously if I change the security level to "safest" I can access the Gutenberg website and download books without issue after resetting my identity.

  • The website block likely has nothing to do with you being in Germany. I am not in Germany and also am blocked when accessing it from Tor Browser, even when I don't have a German exit relay. They are likely blocking Tor exit relays, even ones outside of Germany.
    – Steve
    Jan 28 at 23:26

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