The list of connected WLAN clients (users) on my wi-fi only gives the following fields per user:

  • Duration of time connected
  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Device name

The last two fields are always unique to each user. Are there any identifying features (besides MAC address and device name) that we should be aware of, that other more detailed WLAN connection registries might show that the list above does not already include?

This post says

What does a MAC address say? It says: I am X kind of device made by Y brand and here is my unique number Z.

In other words, the MAC address comes bundled with other details that don't appear in my above list:

  • Device kind
  • Device brand

Is "device kind" a property that is different than "device name"? And can someone verify if we now cover all possible identifying info?

  • This question is probably better posted somewhere like the SuperUser Stack Exchange site since this isn't about Tor. But generally yes, there can be a lot of other identifying information.
    – Steve
    Jan 17 at 17:49

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