How can Hidden Service Authentication be used? I never saw documentation about that anywhere.

  • Huh. I had no idea such a thing had even been considered, let alone implemented. Oct 1, 2013 at 19:01

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According to the manual, there are two configuration options (i.e. things you put in your torrc):

  • HidServAuth is what can be used on the client. It allows you to provide authentication cookies for hidden services as in HidServAuth <onion-address> <auth-cookie>.
  • HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient is the server side companion.

Protocol-related information can be found in the rendezvous-specification at section 2.


There's a great video example here from AdaFruit showing how to get it running on a Raspberry Pi. The links below the video have a load more useful links. It's insanely easy.


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    Could you also expand on the source material?
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