Is there a way to periodically pull a linux machine's firefox bookmarks to a linux tor browser ?

  • I mean pull and not sync because I want the URL ending in .onion that I saved in tor browser to stay within these bookmarks and not get pulled onto the firefox bookmarks.
  • However I do want all the up-to-date firefox bookmarks to be retrieved on the tor browser.
  • Also, if I save a non-.onion website on tor I'd like it to be synced on the firefox bookmarks a few moment later -- this way I'm not forced to open firefox in parallel, copy paste the URL, and reach it in order to click the star icon (read somewhere that it was dumb connecting to a same server both from tor and clearweb browser at the same time)

Is it possible ? With some rsync/cronjob tedious process ? I read on another thread here on tor stackexchange that using firefoxsync extension would sync more than bookmarks and therefore is dangerous for fingerprinting + I don't use that feature for now anyway.

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