Benefit that I'm looking for:

  • Tor is slow. When SSH'ing over Tor doing even the basic things takes a lot of time and concentration
  • Especially painful are: editing a file or a mistyped command line because when finding the spot to edit you can't use the keyboard repeat functions and end up counting how many places to shift
  • Mosh solves this problem by editing text on the client side cache and reconciling with the server in the background
  • By tunneling over something SSH or VPN I'd still have the client side text editing that I'm describing. I'm ok with throwing away mosh's roaming benefit.
  • I'm interested to in the Mosh client's "Instant local echo and line editing" https://mosh.org/#usage - is there is a way to tunnel / VPN the client-server traffic for Mosh's State Synchronization Protocol without modifying mosh?

The issue is:

  • Tor does not support UDP
  • Mosh does not support TCP

I could not find a guide. This one came close yet it runs some communication over the regular Internet which kills the privacy that Tor offers.


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