There is a website I want to go to, and the URL looks like this - irc://dsadfasdfgweh.onion:2525
No that is not a real website, I am not giving away the actual website I am trying to access. How do I connect to this? whenever I do, it tries to download a file, and if I click yes, nothing downloads.

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That's not a web site, that is IRC (internet relay chat). You need an IRC client to connect to it. http://www.irc-junkie.org/2009-12-31/howto-irc-anonymously-with-tor/ might help you with IRC over TOR.

  • I can't watch videos over tor, but I will look into Xchat
    – user1833
    May 25, 2014 at 21:25

Actually, Tor acts like a tunnel, so - use SOCKS ot transproxying JUST to connect as usual : with SSL or via IRC... There should be no obstracle in Tor layer itself.

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