I want apps like Firefox and Chrome to have their Internet traffic routed through TOR, such that Firefox and Chrome would not know they are going through TOR. How would I configure Linux to make that happen? I do not want to use tor browser, in fact I can't as I use ARM Linux.

  • The search term you're probably looking for is "transparent proxy". There are many blog posts and questions on this site about this that might help.
    – Steve
    Oct 27 '20 at 14:21

Hm, well there are a few methods I have heard of:

  • If you have Proxychains installed on your distro, then messing with the .conf file for your proxy settings can allow your whole machines traffic to run through Tor (I would explain how to do it if I could but I've never done it myself) For this I think using your package manager should work for the install.
  • Nipe, which is a tool that also routes your machine traffic through Tor. Use git clone https://github.com/GouveaHeitor/nipe will install it.

If I could exemplify the difference between them I would but I have no personal experience with these tools. https://github.com/GouveaHeitor/nipe
https://linuxhint.com/proxychains-tutorial/ One potential issue is that these do not just Torify your browser traffic, but the whole machines. I don't know about you but this could either be a bonus or downside.

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