I'd like to use an alternative window manager (WM) in TAILS.

Currently TAILS ships with GNOME, which is a feature-rich and (relatively) user-friendly desktop environment. The reason why the TAILS-team chose GNOME is that it is:

* Well integrated, especially for new Linux users.
* Very well translated and documented.
* Doing relatively good regarding accessibility features.
* Actively developed.
* Well maintained in Debian, where it is the default desktop environment.

While I don't disagree with this assessment, I have some remarks: point 4 and 5 are true for many other desktop environments (DEs) and window managers as well, which are currently in Debian Stable (e.g. i3, bspwm, dwm, and many more) while points 1 to 3 might not be relevant for everyone.

And GNOME has a major disadvantage: it's huge compared to many other DEs and WMs. This is especially important if I'm using TAILS from a USB-stick on older computers.

Therefore I'm interested in using an alternative WM in TAILS. I'm aware that the TAILS-team has a dedicated statement on that topic where they explain why they want to limit the amount of software which is part of the distribution, but I'm unsure if that applies to everyone.

Therefore my (relatively broad) question: Would I increase or reduce my personal attack surface if I'd use e.g. i3wm as my WM instead of GNOME and all of its dependencies?

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