i know tails purpose is different but for usb live session i cant find anything better and simple than tails. is there anyway to get BitTorrent client in it like transmission and i don't mind compromising anonymity, i just use it like any other os

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Welcome jack.

You will need to install a additional software, a VPN one whose allows torrent applications. No more to say, just paid one will allow you to use applications that uses torrent protocol. To doesn't allow torrent by two reasons: they are such bandwidth consuming and the second is that tor uses only complete TCPs connections, while torrent protocol uses UDP a lot, mainly to find peers/nodes


Tails does not ship any BitTorrent software and is unlikely to do so in the future.

The problem with using BitTorrent over Tor is double:

There are relatively vague plans to improve on this situation.

See the Tails' FAQ on Bittorent

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