I am considering the best way to browse the web using a multi-hop VPN connection. As we know modern browser technologies can easily deanonymize you and require a lot of custom tweaking to lessen the risk. The time, effort and knowledge needed to properly tweak a browser this way seems overwhelming to me.

My question is this: does using the Tor Browser on a VPN connection protect my anonymity more than using a regular Firefox would? Is such a setup even a good idea? I'd like to clarify: I am NOT talking about routing my traffic through the Tor network in addition to a VPN - I am just asking about the protection that the (de-torrified) Tor Browser alone can give me while browsing with a VPN.

  • Whether it improves your privacy is questionable (you'll have a mostly unique fingerprint of someone using the Tor Browser but not using the Tor network), but it will not give you anonymity. – Steve Aug 28 at 23:00

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