Tor is iteresting for me for getting different IP.

How to get menues in Tor browser like on normal FF Browser? Thats because I like to configure surfing without private mode and accepting cookies, accepting 3rd party cookies, accepting DRM video protection, accepting javascript and so on.

Ideal I am looking for a normal Firefox with a Tor addon for getting a other IP for Radio, TV, Video and so on. I know, Tor addon are not supported since some years.

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If you're looking for IP address "obfuscation" rather than anonymity, you could run Tor standalone and take a normal firefox and set it's proxy settings to the socks port of Tor.

If you're on windows, download the "Tor expert bundle" https://www.torproject.org/download/tor/

Configure torrc to have a socks port, run Tor, configure firefox to the set socks port, success.

But remember, Tor isn't for streaming videos. You won't have fun with buffering and strain the network unnecessarily for other users. Get a vpn for that.

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