I have passwords stored in keychain and a browser (brave browser) and an exported version as a CSV file. How can I import it to Tor browser login password system?

Thank you

  • CTRL-SHIFT-o -> Import and Backup -> Import Data from Another Browser Doesn't work. I checked for myself. You might also want to do the same. Tor browser gives the error "No programs that contain bookmarks [...] could be found."
    – Ed Carp
    Commented Jan 11, 2021 at 9:47

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You can import bookmarks but importing any other settings is disabled in Tor Browser.

Check for yourself. It's the same function as in Firefox.

CTRL-SHIFT-o -> Import and Backup -> Import Data from Another Browser


You Must Go Through /about:config/ Type That in A New Browser Window. Once You Get There, It Will Give You All Kinds of Warnings. Accept Them. Once You Reach Destination Site, in Top 'URL' Type /signon.management.page.fileImport.enabled/ This Will Give You One Choice in Lower Window. It Will Say /false/ on Right, There is two arrows going Opposite Direction, Enclosed in box. Tap That. Make True.

Couple Things:

  1. Don't Use the Forward Slash I Have in my Post. I Just Use That, to Prevent Code Engaging
  2. Even Once You establish Import File Rights, TOR Won't Install Them. You'll Get an Error, That None Were Uploaded.

That's Where I Am.


The safe and correct way to do so is to use KeePassXC secure password manager and a corresponding integration add-on for a browser(s)... Just check it out - and you will see the full and secure answer for your question

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