My torrc:

RunAsDaemon 1

UpdateBridgesFromAuthority 1

UseBridges 1

#TestSocks 1

SafeSocks 1

ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/local/bin/obfs4proxy 

Bridge obfs4 85E61587405E9EBC404FDC7F2FA5F96E014FE73F cert=TMLenHgueHKP/N4I3KhsWyiFq3GaUH2n842o8XQjl1NOk4n135zeKnaiHEP0gmidpSs2dQ iat-mode=0

Bridge obfs4 12A8B8B5B840C79576C0A1C1D0DF660C33E8D602 cert=iXH7t8LHaUTTFb4DOHO1zc3vKWJq83QmIDuzGX5vbz7Y17+Zc/zkLpT5LFLWbljfBqHKZg iat-mode=0

Bridge obfs4 1CE9D74211CCE7C1BFA7B3502FFB1EAE5C9FBFF7 cert=BENdcUL5pTe/kRKTEN3gV4UtCZXv/wxLoYydIbdjmxqahP0iS935AcbkJ8D9ZOA3PxZwVA iat-mode=0

I'm trying to run Tor on the command line with obfs4, and it seems to work right now. But Tor's FAQ tells me that there are several ways in which I could screw it up; hence, my apprehension about the safety of my modified torrc.

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