I want to know what the difference between the torrc file & the torrc-defaults file is, seeing in the verbose output it says both are read when I start my browser.

I also want to know the purpose of the hidden file .torrc.swp especially seeing it is not human readable.

thank you


tor reads and uses torrc. Let's say you delete it or you really screw something up in it. You copy the torrc-defaults to torrc and start fresh from scratch. This is very common in the Linux world. It is -defaults because it is the default configuration.

.torrc.swp has nothing to do with tor. If you open the file with vim, then vim creates as a temp file. When you close vim, then it should be deleted automatically. If you have more question about vim, then ask in Unix/Linux.

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  • haha yes I'm sure those people will be very happy to hear from me again so what you are saying, is I can delete the swap file without disruption to tor's function? and my torrc and torrc-defaults have very different content. and the verbose that accompanies me opening the browser definitely states that both are read. I am pretty much a Linux virgin fyi so be nice – Adam Jun 25 at 23:43

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