I am kinda happy that my Tor hidden service is/was running.

So after i turned off the PC, i decided to search my website on Tor Browser (on mobile phone), and the result said "Server not found"

Question -What might have gone wrong? -Would it be a must, for my PC and Tor service running on ubuntu, before my website could be found on the Tor Browser?

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The computer running your hidden service must be running for it to be accessible. Small single-board computers like a Raspberry Pi are a relatively inexpensive way to run an always-on service (but they can't handle a lot of traffic at once). If you aren't worried about anonymity, some people also run their hidden service on a VPS which is much simpler to configure.


Tor is not like ZeroNet or IPFS, so when you're connecting to a hidden service - basically you're connecting to the server that is running a service, i.e. there's no offline cache like CloudFlare, even if your website is a fully static one. You have to keep your server running to access it either directly or through Tor. If you have a fully static site and you need it to be online while your server is not - just migrate to the ZeroNet, it's the right spot to be for you in this case.

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