I counted about 250 different land codes.

The default one is {us}

So my question is if i can specify more than one for each torrc file?

So that it for example looks like this:

{us}, {tr}, {va}, {ve}

This make an additional questions comes up.

I wonder if it for example use the Exit Nodes from left to right.

First time open up the window, does it use {us} Exit Nodes.

Second time open up the window, does it use {tr} Exit Nodes.

Or is that random what chronological order it uses?

Im confused by this an need some clarification

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Tor by default does not limit the exit nodes (the ExitNodes option is unset). When you specify exit nodes with the ExitNodes option, there is no ordering. Instead it simply chooses an exit as it normally does (randomly according to the path spec), but excludes any relays not included in this set. See tor's choose_good_exit_server_general() for reference.

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