I am running a wordpress blog and in the clear net and I want for it to be accessible from Tor as well. Kinda like how Facebook has both a normal and a onion address.

I have read the one way to do that is to run a clone of your website at the same time, just with a different address. That however is very resource heavy. Are there any other ways?

Any help, tips or suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • How are you running the blog, are you running the server yourself? If so what software are you using? – Steve May 12 at 8:30
  • Hi steve, I am locally hosting wordpress using ngnix – mse88999 May 14 at 17:51

Here's the problem. There is nothing stopping you from adding an onion service to a normal webserver. However, what about the links on your page? If your Tor users click on a link will it take them to an .onion page or to a clearnet page and vice versa. This is why it is best to run websites in parallel. If you are awesome at writing Wordpress plugins, you might be able to set up some kind of "smart" plugin that will present a different copy of each page depending on if the user is using Tor or nor otherwise it is best to run two copies.

VPS servers are super cheap. If running two instances of wordpress is "very resource heavy" then you might want to find a better provider.

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  • Hi Evans thank you for your comment. What good and affordable vps providers do u suggest? Thanks – mse88999 May 14 at 17:56
  • Just adding a reference for the issue JSEvans mentioned: lapsedordinary.net/2016/01/24/…. In short it should be easy to do, the problem is just finding a good Wordpress plugin to support multiple domains. – Steve May 14 at 18:09

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