Socksv5, SOCKS HOST, Port 9050

I use this Network Setting with Mozilla Firefox.

But even though i use different Useragents for each Firefox Profile, through the configuration of the about:config, does it not change the Ip Adress.


Yes you can change the socks port, and you must change it in both your tor configuration and in your browser configuration. The user agent has nothing to do with the IP of your exit node, and if you change this you're probably making yourself easily fingerprintable. Tor uses per-socks-port stream isolation so you can use multiple socks ports, but it's probably easier to use a single socks port but with a different username for each of them.

Is there a reason you're not using the Tor Browser? It is specifically designed to take care of these things for you.

For details about Tor's configuration file, see the following two links:

https://support.torproject.org/tbb/tbb-editing-torrc/ (for the Tor Browser)

If you aren't already using a configuration file, you should make a new one somewhere with the desired settings, and then start tor using tor -f path/to/torrc You can find details about the SocksPort setting here.

  • And how can i change the socks port in my "tor configuration"? I only know that i have created an Windows Service at services.msc that starts tor.exe automatically at startup. – Jacob May 10 '20 at 2:58
  • @Jacob: See the edit. – Steve May 10 '20 at 6:05

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