I am trying to connect to a tor hidden service. I have already set it up on orbot with 8080 set as the local port and 80 as the onion port. It givens me a url such as xxxxsdfasfasldfjalsd.onion based on https://tor.stackexchange.com/questions/6252/how-does-one-setup-a-tor-hidden-service-on-android.

I set up Haven as the monitoring service. However, when I enter the tor hidden service into Haven(xxxxsdfasfasldfjalsd.onion), it changes the URL to xxxxsdfasfasldfjalsd.onion:8888. I am unable to connect to Haven from tor browser or otherwise.

Perhaps Haven assumes that 8888 is the onion port? Should I change the onion port to 8888 in orbot?

How should I connect to this?

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