Since the last update, when set security is set to "Safest", NoScript in the TOR browser does not show all scripts in the drop down preventing them from being temp allowed.

When security is set to "Safer" No scripts are blocked.

Site: rarbgaccess.org

Detail: The entry for "dyncdn.me" no longer appears. Since this can not be temp allowed the site can not be loaded.

This same site can be successfully loaded with FF ESR (68.6 64 bit) and the same version of NoScript (11.0.23) after temp allowing both script as they do show in NoScipt with this browser.

Update: I tried disabling NoScript and the site still won't load.

I removed and reinstalled TOR and now it does let NoScript block scripts when Security is on "Safer".

Isn't that odd.

Update #2: It's doing it again. NoScript isn't blocking any scripts with security set to "Safer". I didn't do anything but close TOR and open it awhile later.

Update #3: I got NoScript to work properly, that is make it block all scripts unless I allow them manually, with security set to "Safer". I had to check "Override Tor Browsers Security Settings" in the NoScript Advanced settings then manually set all the other NoScript settings.

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