I installed tor on my rasberry pi-3. the processor is armhf. All installed without complaint. I followd the below link to do the setup.


Going to root and typing tor, I get command not found. Using systemctl start tor.service produces the same result. Entering tor --verify-config produces command not found.

OS is Raspbian

Any Ideas?? Totally lost



Raspbian is just another flavor of Debian for Raspberry Pi. If /usr/sbin/tor is not available, then Tor is not installed.

You can confirm the status of Tor by running:

sudo apt info tor

You should see a line that says, "APT-Manual-Installed: yes"

If it is not installed, then run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install tor

Finally, you should never run tor as root. Always run it as a normal user whenever possible.

  • Wow! thanks :-) I will give that a try.! Re: root. I know that. The object is to get the relay running first, THEN deal with the root issue. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll be back" :-) – adriann Mar 27 '20 at 5:59
  • following your direction (as root) apt info tor Resp: E: Invalid operation info. Cutting to the chase - /usr/sbin/ search for tor - not found. sudo apt && etc.. produced: Depends libssl1.0.0 but is not installable; Recommends: tor-geoipdb but is not going to be installed; Recommends torsocks but is not going to be installed. I bought the pi 3 with the intent of running either a relay or bridge - I was told that could be done - sigh Adriann I am assuming the above is because the tor package simply isn't there. – adriann Mar 28 '20 at 9:55

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