I changed my perfectly running relay of 30 days to a bridge. That's when the problems started.

Running as usr

tor --verify-config Configuration is valid

systemctl start tor.service Pass entered - no complaints

After roughly a minute -

systemctl status tor@default Active: failedSystemctl Status

What are the last two lines tying to tell me??

Process: 2486 ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/tor --defaults-torrc /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc -f /etc/tor/torrc --RunAsDaemon 0 --verify-config

Process: 2485 ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/install -Z -m 02755 -o debian-tor -g debian-tor -d /run/tor (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)


  • please send an output of journalctl -feu tor@default.service - it will contain the full logs
    – Alexey Vesnin
    Nov 28 '21 at 19:54

Which ports are you using ? Do you use pluggable-transport like obfs4 ?


  • SocksPort 0 Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices.log XXLog debug file /var/log/tor/debug.log DataDirectory /var/lib/tor RunAsDaemon 0 ControlPort 9051 ORPort 6969 Address 192.xx.xx.xxx Nickname XXXXXXX RelayBandwidthRate 1.29 MB RelayBandwidthBurst 2 MB ContactInfo XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com BridgeRelay 1 ServerTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4 ExtORPort auto CookieAuthentication 1
    – adriann
    Mar 10 '20 at 19:09
  • FWIW I used the above link to initially set up the bridge - adriann
    – adriann
    Mar 12 '20 at 2:25

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