I'm trying out the Tor browser on Android 9.0 (device is not rooted). When I open a page and change tabs before the new page is fully loaded, the loading process is interrupted and cannot be resumed. Changing back to the "inactivated" tab and reloading does not work, the tab has to be closed and the page needs to be loaded from a new tab.

As usual, the Tor browser comes bundled with NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere, I'm also using the uBlock Origin extension (any opinion on this?). Background data is disabled for all apps except messengers and the max. number of background processes (developer options) is set to zero. I have tried changing the security settings as well as disabling uBO, but the problem persists... Now that I think of it, I encountered the same issue using the Brave browser on Android.

Can anyone reproduce this behaviour and tell me what's causing it? This is extremely annoying, as using Tor increases loading time with some pages, I therefore want to be able to switch to a different tab while waiting.

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