YouTube is censored in my country and every time i open it in Tor i face below text and its take my time to pass human check . what can i do?

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request.

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See Not allowed to sign in to Google when using Tor

You aren't doing anything wrong but Google doesn't like Tor users and will often block them. You have two options:

  • Change your circuit and try again an hope that they accept the new exit node.

  • Use a VPN. You will not have the advantages of Tor, but you will probably be able to access Google services.


When this persists, you can bypass it by clicking the button "New Tor Circuit for this Site". You get a new IP address each time you click the button, eventually one of those IP addresses will work.

I made an extension https://gitlab.torproject.org/lansi90/google-captcha-bypass-extension that deals with this issue transparently. Since I started using it, I do not encounter this issue anymore.


The "unusual traffic" is not from you, but from your ExitNode - and it includes all the users that are using it as an exit. Big phishing corporation like Google are stealing your privacy and do not make the dot-onion endpoints for their services because they do want to steal your data and sell it to the advertisers. Facebook is the only one big corporation now - as to my knowledge - who've made a green HTTPS dot-onion for their system and added Tor option to the settings of their mobile application(at least it was on Android I used to use) - check https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ It's not your guilty or problem - it's their bad intentions to track and pinpoint you

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