Firefox Nightly recently updated to the new UI they beta'd under the Firefox Preview moniker. The proxy settings I had in about:config got wiped out but reinstating the exact same settings is getting me the following message in the browser, presumably from Orbot itself:

This in HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not an HTTP proxy.

It appears you have configured your web browser to use this Tor port as an HTTP proxy.

This is not correct: This port is configured as a CONNECT tunnel, not an HTTP proxy. Please configure your client accordingly. You can also use HTTPS; then the client should automatically use HTTP CONNECT.

See https://torproject.org/documentation.html for more information.

These are the about:config settings I've currently configured:

network.proxy.http = 127.1
network.proxy.http_port = 8118
network.proxy.socks = 127.1
network.proxy.socks_port = 9050
network.proxy.ssl = 127.1
network.proxy.ssl_port = 8118
network.proxy.type = 1

Orbot itself also shows it's active on those ports: enter image description here

On the same device, F-Droid configured to use Tor also functions without issue. Granted, I can't see what ports it uses by default, but such settings has gone unchanged before or after the aforementioned Firefox update.


Never mind, I solved it: removing network.proxy.http settings did the trick. Perhaps I didn't have this configured previously or the old Firefox Nightly automatically preferred the HTTPS proxy over the HTTP one and the behavior changed after the update, I don't know. Either way, there's no issue any more and everything is functioning as expected.

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