I set up a hidden service that serves a static low sized page but still it takes at least 20 seconds to open. Also sometimes it just closes itself when i am not around and doesn't respond for hours and i then need to restart Tor service.

My upload speed is 5 mbps is it related? I measured network usage and it doesn't even use 100 kbps. How can i speed up the service with configuration? And what is the reason service just shuts down and doesn't respond randomly? Thanks.

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My suggestion is to minimize the code. If you use plain html with no javascript, no PHP, etc, it will be fastest and the most secure. Look into something like Hugo or other static page generators for building extremely fast and secure sites.

Your internet speed isn't as important as your latency. If you ever play games online, you know what a pain it is to have high latency. The same goes for running an onion service on your network. If you are doing a lot on your network, expect your latency to go up.

Finally, know how Tor works. You will always go through at least 3 hops to get to your onion service. This will always cause lags and there is no way around this.

And what is the reason service just shuts down and doesn't respond randomly

No idea without you sharing more about your configuration.


Well, if you achieve something - you're always paying for that. Tor provides you an alternative routing way for the cost of speed, so - even serving a static pages out of Memcached+NGinx will pay it's toll for anonymity if the Tor routing chain is laggy. If you have to serve your fully static site fast - take a look at ZeroNet and IPFS - they're much more tailored ofr that task than Tor. Tor's primary purpose to provide any kind of service anonymously, not just a websites - so that's why it's not tailored for them.

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