I have been wondering is running an Anti-Virus Software with a Firewall brings a security risk with it while using Tor.

I recently read about a free Anti-Virus software sold its Users browsing data. Is there a way such a usually helpful software can bring harm in terms of security?


Any software on your machine that can access the internet has the potential to give away your information. It doesn't matter if it's an antivirus, a game, or even a professional application suite.

AFAIK Windows doesn't have anything like AppArmor that would say "This program can do A, B, and C; but if it tries to do anything else it will be blocked." So there's nothing stopping a rogue program from doing bad things.

This is why something like Tails is very good for anonymity if you are not allowed to install a more secure OS on your machine. It may be a little slower and you might want to buy a fast USB stick but you can much more peace of mind when you need to be anonymous.

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