recently we noticed that Iran's government by using firewall or blocking tor exit nodes or .... has blocked access to websites hosted inside, no websites inside Iran is accessible via tor. we thought site owners take some steps against tor but we were wrong.

It's too odd if they installed firewall in the country's internet gateway, but take some steps for sure, is there anyway to resolve this, any Idea?

some websites for example:

https://mihanwebhost.com/ https://www.sheypoor.com/ https://divar.ir/s/tehran http://tehran.ir/


  • The only option right now is to try to limit yourself to exit nodes inside of Iran. If there aren't any, then it might be impossible to access them short of going there yourself. – JSEvans Jan 23 at 20:23
  • I propose to change the title, because it sounds very much like discussing politics and opinions. – U. Windl Jan 25 at 22:50
  • I was not going to make it sounds like politics discussion but, after gasoline increase in Iran for 200%, they blocked access to all sites hosted inside Iran using TOR. it's not done by websites admins but by government, while there is no threat for them. we desperately need to access divar.ir using TOR, for scraping. Thanks and my apologies if the topic is doubtful. – Morteza Osanloo Jan 27 at 9:12

Try using an obfuscator such as obfs4, and the corresponding bridges from bridges.torproject.org

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  • Thanks but I tried them all, no bridges, obfs4 or the like work. I have access to sites hosted abroad but not whose hosted inside IRAN. – Morteza Osanloo Jan 23 at 15:48
  • He's asking for the opposite. He wants to access sites inside of Iran. Not access external sites from inside Iran. – JSEvans Jan 23 at 20:21
  • Well, they are accessible from outside.. getting outside of Iranian IP space would be one solution. – Yevhen Stasiv Jan 23 at 20:28
  • If you mean to connect to TOR network using a VPN such as Windscribe that change the IP address of whole system, I tried it but does not work. I meant divar.ir is not still accessible in Tor browser. – Morteza Osanloo Jan 24 at 19:51
  • I have not tried to access the sites through TOR but they are accessible without it. Using a VPN to get an exit point outside of Iran should let you browse them. Although I did not test, they may be filtering exit node IPs – Yevhen Stasiv Jan 24 at 20:54

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