Let's assume I received a letter today that accuses me of downloading an illegal file, posting something inappropriate in a forum, or hacking into a system. And that happened a few months ago. But I was running a Tor relay on the IP address stated in the letter back then. How can I prove that?


You can use ExoneraTor, a tool by Tor Project designed for that work.

Of course you should also contact a lawyer with some affinity on Internet laws so as to handle better your case. If you're located in USA you could contact EFF, a non-profit which actively and legally supports digital rights. If you're in Europe, people of Torservers could give you some advice although they're not lawyers.

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    If necessary and/or required, the Tor Project can write a statement for you confirming that relay x was a part of the Tor network at time y.
    – Runa
    Oct 3 '13 at 1:52

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