If you are forced to run Tor behind a proxy and that proxy does decryption of https, will that defeat Tor's privacy?

Experiments with Tor and meek bridges behind such a proxy indicates that it does. I am able to make a circuit through the meek bridge. I can see that I exit from a different IP than I usually do, but the proxy's URL filtering still is enforced. This leads me to believe that the proxy has allowed the meek connection, but that it still can look into the packages and block the URLs it does not like. Can someone confirm that this is the expected behavior?

I was under the impression that Tor would have its own encryption inside the proxy chain to the decrypting proxy.

Any insights appreciated.

  • IMHO a proxy can only decrypt https if it manages to present a fake certificate to the browser. – U. Windl Jan 25 at 23:38

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