hi thanks for the help.. i think i did look up question about having firefox but don't recall answer, for dealing with other security issues.

i notice recent hacks into firefox directory, affecting my pc so mentioning. in regard, Question: i only use tor, can i remove the firefox program?

originally: hit with some coin miner virus. symptom: run away task manager "CPU" & "Memory" severe-fast cycle from some value to a max value on many tasks, then repeats the memory cycle over-over, and tm tray icon flash wild 90% use?

now hit periodically: pups? unwanted progs in firefox directory, and tor locking up, so the same question: to remove the firefox program?

i'm sure i will figure it out, just think firefox may be affecting tor security. (note: i did to some back-forth unloading a tor version, could not work with vertical scroll bar moved from right side). i have found a way to automate the window setting to be further off right side so not have a mouse click problem there.. but would suggest allow tor window (if position saveable), to allow off right side size as some apps intermittently allow. thanks.

i will be able to figure this out. just trying to pay back help got. all i got - thanks.

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Navigate browser to URL "about:support" and click "Refresh" at top right.

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