I'm trying to open a WebGL build with an integrated audio in it, basically a WebGL Unity build.

I am using 9.5 alpha release as the latest stable version doesn't allow wasm anyhow but now even though the WebGL build triggers it throws this error before initialising..

I have tried to enable the permission to use audio for the website as well but didn’t work.. I wonder would there be a way to overcome this last step?


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    Fix is; open about:config and enable webaudio.
    – whyeverwhy
    Dec 2, 2019 at 0:30

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It's very simple. Go to your browser, new tab and type ´´´about:config´´´ and then it will give you a warning: "Changing advanced settings preferences may affect the performance or security of Tor Browser." Click in Accept and Continue and it will show you a display with a searchbar. In it type ´´´dom.webaudio.enabled´´´. In the same line go click the arrows and check if it turn true. Without restarting the browser(rather the tab) it will work as normal.

Note: Even if you restart Tor, the settings will be enable, so you don't have to repeat the action.

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