Currently all my devices have restricted access to the internet. However I can do a SSH Tunnel from my windows laptop to a remote linux server and access the internet normally like so:

ssh -N -D 1080 user@remote-server

I can also start Tor browser (9.0.1), have it use "obfs4" bridge and also use the proxy I setup earlier ( port 1080 ). I can browse the web freely just fine.

Now my goal is to have my (non-rooted) android devices use this Tor browser connection. But I don't know how to do that.

For instance, when I try to add a socks5 proxy on my phone's telegram, and have it use the laptop's ip address ( which is on the same wifi network ) with the Tor's default port (9150), it just doesn't work. I tried adding a "allow" rule in my windows 10's firewall Inbound list but still no luck.

I tried the same thing in the Firefox app in android. I went to about:config, i changed the network.proxy.socks to my laptop's ip, network.proxy.socks_port to 9150, network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to true, and network.proxy.socks_version to 1. But again, no luck.

I also heard about ProxyDroid to help directly do the ssh tunnel on android, but that app requires rooted devices. Also I heard about polipo which is supposed to be a "socks5 to http server" sort of thing, but I couldn't get that working. I just downloaded the polipo-1.1.0-win32, unzipped it and tried to run:

polipo socksParentProxy="" proxyPort=30001 proxyAddress=""

And tried to access it using Drony app, it didn't work. I tried to change the Wifi settings directly on android and have a "manual" proxy but that failed me as well.

Am I doing something wrong or are there no solutions for this problem?

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