I have a bitcoin node at home, running over tor, and would like to access it from outside my home network. Two questions pop up, for which I haven't found answer in the Bitcoin community:

1) Bitcoin as it is currently configured uses the tor control port (9050 I believe) to connect to the bitcoin network. But that doesn't seem to make my node accessible from outside. Adding a "HiddenService" entry to torrc creates a hidden service, but how does the bitcoin daemon "know" that this HiddenService belongs to it? Is it by port number? That's the only way I can think of, but everything is so poorly documented that I'd really appreciate your help

2) are the "HiddenService" entry, together with the ServicePort entry, the only things that are required to make a service accessible from the internet? Or is there some other magic necessary? Because I had already configured a HiddenService/ServicePort entry and the test site I was using (bitnodes) said my node wasn't reachable.

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