new to this forum. i have some tech background but would need a stepped sequence-keystroke answer please, eg: word, file, save as.. i made some summary notes on the problem below, but guessing the question would be: is there a way to set / reset tor proxy settings, without affecting my other settings / addons? -or- can i do some limited re-install wo crushing the rest of it? thanks

note: i undid & restored pc from a tor update. something funny/ wrong happened: my tor browser: when on web pages the vertical scroll bar was moved from right side, to about 1 inch in (i cannot accept that, maybe part of problems listed below).

tor, options (what says), nw proxy (connection settings), manual proxy configuration; http proxy config: port 0, ssl proxy: port 0 is there a step/ method to repair tor proxy settings? i do not know the orig settings.

summary: after a tor upd, viewing youtube, hit with a trojan/ rem'd with ms essentials, restore pc, i have a proxy setting prob for tor. trojan:BAT/CoinMiner.A (ms essentials resident did not see trojan/ already had to have task manager open & memory values speed cycling 0? to max megabytes; tm icon in tray was flashing hard)

prob: firefox (tor) is configured to use a proxy svr that is refusing connections. check proxy settings to make sure they are correct.

i did about 3 searches, 15 sites to try to find answer, not checked everything yet.

i see a couple of tools, any recommendations to use?

1) complete inet repair: rizonesoft.com/downloads/complete-internet-repair

2) connectivity fixer: badosoft.com/connectivity-fixer.php

i don't know what the proxy settings are supposed to be (unless other probs related to this?). they seemed to have dropped from the restore process. i would check to see if the 2 utilities above can include a note or button for tor & sub: reset proxy. thanks

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