I am working on a research project involving the analysis of Tor exit nodes and their IP addresses from a specific time frame using data from TorMetrics. I can see that each relay entry in a consensus document has an associated IP address, like so:

r PDrelay1 AAFJ5u9xAqrKlpDW6N0pMhJLlKs 0f0NYCcVKbQkJCK2ZdZRfxFXtVU 2015-08-31 10:53:35 8080 0
a [2a02:7aa0:1619::9847:f57c]:8080
s Fast Running Stable Valid
v Tor
w Bandwidth=480
p reject 1-65535

but also that along with the archived consensus documents there is an archive for exit-lists, which appear to be documents that have the IP address associated with exit relays like so:

(not the same relay)

ExitNode 0011BD2485AD45D984EC4159C88FC066E5E3300E
Published 2015-08-31 16:17:30
LastStatus 2015-08-31 17:03:18
ExitAddress 2015-08-31 17:09:23

These exit lists appear to be updated less regularly than the consensus

So my main question is: If I'm trying to associate an exit relay with a specific IP address at a certain time, is it safe to just use the IP address that's listed for that relay in the consensus document for that hour, or are there other considerations that need to be taken into account? Also, if the IP address listed with a relay in the consensus document is accurate, then what even is the point of having exit list documents?

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