When I used Tor a time ago, on the left top corner I could see wich nodes and exit was currently used.

Now I don't find that function anymore.

How do I do this?

Thanks in advance for any reaction!


This is from the Tor Browser manual on the Tor website:


Tor Browser centers your web experience around your relationship with the website in the URL bar. Even if you connect to two different sites that use the same third-party tracking service, Tor Browser will force the content to be served over two different Tor circuits, so the tracker will not know that both connections originate from your browser.

On the other hand, all connections to a single website address will be made over the same Tor circuit, meaning you can browse different pages of a single website in separate tabs or windows, without any loss of functionality. enter image description here

You can see a diagram of the circuit that Tor Browser is using for the current tab in the site information menu, in the URL bar.

In the circuit, the Guard or entry node is the first node and it's automatically and randomly selected by Tor. But it is different from the other nodes in the circuit. In order to avoid profiling attacks, the Guard node changes only after 2-3 months, unlike the other nodes, which change with every new domain. For more information about Guards, consult the FAQ and Support Portal.

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