Can Tails get a virus?

I was and still am using tails.

After I visited a bitcoin site, I got a message that looked like it came from Tails saying you need to wipe your tails USB flash drive's free space. it may have been infected?

I also do not know how to wipe the free space on my Tails USB flash drive?

If there is a virus, will wiping the free space get rid of it?

Update 17 August 2019

Now every time I use Tails I get a message telling me I need to wipe the free space. There is a security issue that can expose your, and other users real location and real IP address. When I found the wipe free space, it said You need a password from a Tails administrator to preform this operation. So how do I contact a Tails admin to get the password?

Or, should I wipe the whole USB flash drive and start over with a new installation of Tails?

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