Complete computer/Tor/Tails noob here.

I want to use Tor (via Tails OS) using only one specific exit node. Can someone please provide detailed directions on how to do this? My understanding is that you would specify the exit node (with its fingerprint?) you want in the torrc file. However, it's read only and I haven't been able to figure out how to write to it after doing a lot of troubleshooting. I know I need to set up a password when booting Tails and I might have to change permissions or make the changes from a command prompt, but no idea how to actually do this or what kind of code to use.

Note: I use Tails/Tor for basic privacy reasons. I've heard specifying using one exit node in this way may reduce anonymity a bit? As long as it wouldn't cause major failure that should be fine for my purposes.

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