From a little bit of research, I found that anyone can be any node other than a guard node. Why is that so? On some forums they say stable uptime for a few weeks is required, but is there a minimum requirement?

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In the Tor article, The lifecycle of a new relay We see that a relay node could become eligible as soon as 8 days after it has been created but in reality it needs to show a longer term history of good uptime and available bandwidth.

Here is the spec sheet. There appears to be at least two flags that must be set to become a guard:

 "guard-wfu" -- WFU (in seconds) required for a relay to be
                marked as guard.

 "guard-tk" -- Weighted Time Known (in seconds) required for a
               relay to be marked as guard.

However nowhere that I can see are the actual metrics discussed for achieving these two flags.

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