I built tor from source and am running it as a relay (not exit node) and also as a directory server. It is my understanding that after a while I should experience V2 hidden services publishing their descriptors to me (each hidden service picks 6 directory servers at random to publish their descriptor to). How can I tell if this is happening? Can I (temporarily, for debugging purposes) view the descriptors being published to me?

I'm thinking their might be some useful logging if I enable debug logs (but I can't find it)? Or maybe there is something I can get over the control protocol (but I couldn't find anything obvious in the stem API docs that exposes it)? Or maybe I could make a code change to log this information (I'm not sure where the code is that receives the announcements)?

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Nyx is probably the utility that you are looking for to provide that information.

  • Cool tool, but I don't see anything there for viewing hidden service descriptors.
    – Clive
    Jul 27, 2019 at 13:52


You can extract descriptors!

It works well...100%

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