Suppose I want to get a list of all the existing rendezvous points (like the list of existing relay - https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html ). How do I get it?

I thought of a variety of attacks that could happen if I did not know the list (like how I can tell if I'm really being directed to the right destination?) What happens when the rendezvous points I get to are hostile?

I know there is a DB that holds all the rendezvous points (from the schemas on the TOR site) but how do I ask it to give me the whole list of the existing rendezvous points?

If I have the rendezvous points list, I can use their IP address instead of the ONION address and implement the protocol (or Even something nicer, I can refer a legitimate address to indicate the IP address of the rendezvous points and then the approach will look (in terms of DNS) as access to a regular site)

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