How can I change the PATH of the torrc-file in Tor-Browser?

Under about:config

I changed: extensions.torlauncher.torrc_path", "/path/to/Tor");

I re-started Tor-Browser and it shows me an error: torrc file is missing.

I tried to edit the file "start-tor-browser"

I changed the file start-tor-browser.


TORARCHITECTURE=$(expr "$(file TorBrowser/Tor/tor)"; : '. ELF ([[:digit:]])';)

I changed to:

TORARCHITECTURE=$(expr "$(file TorBrowser/Tor/tor -f /path/to/Tor/torrc)"; : '. ELF ([:digit:]])';)

It's not working either.

What to do? Please help! Thanks!

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