I keep getting these error messages. Generic Sock Error, Access Denied, and most recently, Access Denied-this website is using a security service to protect from online attacks whenever I try to access a particular website on the Tor Network. Can anyone help?


When you use Tor on the regular internet, the website does not see you. It sees the exit node that you are coming through. Exit nodes are not private. Once a company realizes that too many people "look like" an exit node, they start blocking people who come from there. Sometimes you might get lucky and visit that site from an exit node that they are not aware of and you can get in but that usually doesn't happen often.

Google is the number 1 offender when if comes to this, they will give you endless captchas so you are effectively banned while using Tor.

There is no workaround and hack to get by this if the company/website wants to ban Tor users.

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