I'm someone who has very little technical experience but became interested in the idea of a transparent Tor proxy. I'm well aware that this isn't a secure implementation but I thought I could learn a bit through this process. What I want to do is to combine the following two tutorials with my Pi Zero W.



The first one works fine and is able to reliably pass my Wifi traffic forward to my router. I've followed the directions on the second one almost precisely, with two major exceptions. First, I've replaced /etc/tor/torrc with the following, as recommended by the Tor Project wiki.

AutomapHostsOnResolve 1


You might notice that I've replaced the address from to since the latter represents ap0 in the first tutorial. Neither address seems to make a difference though.

Second, I've also downloaded iptables-persistent and installed it onto my Pi.

The Pi is still able to pass my Wifi traffic forward perfectly well, but it seems to completely ignore my Tor set-up. Whenever I check my IP address it's the same as it was before. As someone who's a novice to all this, I'm curious as to what I've done wrong that causes my Pi to ignore my Tor installation.

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