4 ubuntu16.04 machine:

1 DA(,1 client(,2 relay (

this is my configure photo on per machine:

client enter image description here Relay( relay 1 & relay2 are same) enter image description here DA enter image description here

here is some log:

client notice log(partly): Application request when we haven't used client functionality lately. Optimistically trying directory fetches again.

many people said that's time sync problem,but i tyr ntpdate more times , it's not useful.

i use wireshark on relay & da, i can see my client send traffic with my relay & da enter image description here

then i use proxychains(socks5 9050) on my client,then i use this enter image description here

can't resolve host,i try install bind on my relay(forward,but i thought a question: i don't see any DNS traffic request from my client to relay, this request just in local, but my /etc/resolve.conf has nameserver

have someone meet same problem? can u give me some suggestion? Thank u.

  • inserting text instead of of photos will make it possible for search engines to index your question and so people with similar problems or even ones who can answer your question will find it much more easily. – DJCrashdummy Jun 1 '19 at 14:33

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