I am actually working on modifying some parts of Tor Browser for my project and for that I will need to build Tor Browser's source code. I was following this website and after cloning tor-browser-build repo, I did a make nightly-linux-x86_64, which took almost half a day to complete on my Ubuntu 18.04 system. But, since I would be making some changes to the browser (mostly Firefox code), I need to alter code and build multiple times.

In the above website, there is an option for 'Building Just Firefox' and I decided to try that. As per the above website/doc, I cloned tor-browser repo and followed the instructions. First, the command

make $CONFIGURE_ARGS -f client.mk configure CONFIGURE_ARGS="--with-tor-browser-version=tbb-nightly --with-distribution-id=org.torproject --enable-update-channel=default --enable-bundled-fonts"

gave me :

client.mk:40: /.mozconfig-client-mk: No such file or directory

client.mk:72: *** client.mk must be used via mach. Try running ./mach configure. Stop.

./mach configure was not working as well, but using this webpage, I patched the init.configure file and it worked. But now when I run ./mach build, it finally gives (after doing a lot of compilation):


So could anyone please guide me as to how should I go about doing this. Basically as I had said in the beginning, I just want to modify and rebuild to test the new code that I would be introducing. Kindly help me out.

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Finally I did it with the help of the Tor developers (they are really nice!).

So, as can be seen, the wiki has been updated now and the commands altered a bit. One needs to clone the appropriate branch and not just blindly do a git clone https://git.torproject.org/tor-browser.git, because this clones the master branch. Use the -b flag to clone a specific branch, say tor-browser-60.7.0esr-9.0-1 (latest at the time of writing this answer). Now all you need to do is :

  1. git clone https://git.torproject.org/tor-launcher.git

  2. mv tor-launcher browser/extensions/

  3. ./mach configure --with-tor-browser-version=tbb-nightly --with-distribution-id=org.torproject --enable-update-channel=default --enable-bundled-fonts
    If you don't have the packages, just do a ./mach bootstrap

  4. ./mach build

  5. ./mach build stage-package

  6. cp -a obj-*/dist/firefox/* path_to_tor_browser_directory/Browser/

There is one issue that I was facing though. I had the latest rust version, which was 1.35.0 and it won't build (would give me some macro related errors). I had to downgrade rust to v1.29.1 and it worked.

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